Stable release for Umbraco 10 + patches for 8 & 9

Today we're shipping the first stable release of Newsletter Studio for Umbraco 10 and patch releases for Umbraco 8 and 9.


As we have announced we will align our major version number with the version number of Umbraco that it's targeting, we've also introduced a clear and intuitive change log for each version of the package that you can find here:

The documentation has also been updated to include information for Umbraco 10.

Trying out version 10

The release is available on NuGet, install from Visual Studio, or using the command line:

dotnet add package NewsletterStudio --version 10.0.0 

Known issues and feedback

The Umbraco 10-version is built on the same code and Core as the stable Umbraco 8/9-version so at the moment there are no known issues.

Please feel free to reach out with questions and feedback to

Patch releases for Umbraco 8 & 9

We're also shipping patch releases for v3 (Umbraco 8) and v4 (Umbraco) where some issues around trailing slashes for links have been fixed.


Release notes / change log

See our change log for version 10


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