Newsletter Studio 10
Change log

For Umbraco 10


Patch-release for issues with encoding of button-links with special characters. Added method to fetch Campaign Emails by content-key.

dotnet add package NewsletterStudio --version 10.0.3
  • ICampaignEmailService, added method to fetch campaigns by content key
  • Fixes link encoding for links in button-controls
  • Fixes link encoding for links in image-controls
  • Fixes issue with create-buttons in workspace dashboard when running in "single workspace"-mode.


Feature release with support for creating/sending campaigns programmatically.

dotnet add package NewsletterStudio --version 10.0.2
  • ICampaignEmailService and new methods on INewsletterStudioService to be able to create and send campaigns programmatically.


Patch-release with bug fixes, improvements, and support for deep links. Simple NuGet-update.

dotnet add package NewsletterStudio --version 10.0.1
  • Allowing deeplinks into apps e.g myapp://open/something or spotify:album:0sNOF9WDwhWunNAHPD3Baj
  • Styles and CSS fixes to handle changes in Umbraco-core.
  • Making Tracking-constants static to allow changes
  • Fixes issue with custom fonts only configured via theme.json
  • Handling exceptions when tracking image-URL is invalid


The first stable release of Newsletter Studio for Umbraco 10. The main changes from the beta-stage has been around the SQLite support which now supports the same features as the SQL Server-version.

dotnet add package NewsletterStudio --version 10.0.0
  • Bugs related to SQL queries using functions not supported by SQLite. Solves issues around Transactional email tracking.
  • Fixes issue where trailing slashes were being added to outgoing links when Umbraco's "UseTralingSlash" setting was used.

  • Error-message shown when adding Transactional Email Picker to Document Type.


Updated beta-release for Umbraco 10 with fixes for SQLite-support and a bugfix for the User Picker in the Workspace-administration.

dotnet add package NewsletterStudio --version 10.0.0-beta2
  • Fixes issues with SQL queries around Recipient Details for SQLite.
  • Handles Umbraco-core breaking change for User Picker


Initial beta-release for Umbraco 10.

dotnet add package NewsletterStudio --version 10.0.0-beta1