List Unsubscribe headers to comply with Gmail and Yahoo

We've introduced native support for "List Unsubscribe" headers as defined in the RFC8058. The aim of this is to make it easier for recipients to unsubscribe from unwanted e-emails. Currently, many recipients will mark unwanted e-mails as SPAM which will give the sending server a bad reputation. It's better for everyone (users, email service providers and marketers) that it's easy to unsubscribe from unwanted e-mails without having to mark them as SPAM.

It's also important to provide this header to get good deliverability into Gmail and Yahoo mailboxes after the changes they are making to the Email sender guidelines in February 2024.

What does this mean?

The RFC8058 outlines a specification for email senders to include information inside the headers of the email on how unsubscribe. This enable email client software to display a "unsubscribe" action inside the user interface of the email client in a standardized way. 

Technically we will just add two headers to the email, similar to this:


If the email client supports these headers it can display a unsubscribe action that will post the information needed for Newsletter Studio to your server.

How to upgrade?

Just update the NuGet references to point to the latest version in your current major. Check the change log to see which version you need to install.

For a fresh install of the latest Umbraco 13 version, use this command to add the package:

dotnet add package NewsletterStudio --version 13.x.x

As always, you need to ensure that your browser cache is purged so that changes to our javascript and html files will be reflected in the backoffice.


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