Updated Release Candidate for Umbraco 11 (RC2)

With the new Umbraco 11-release just around the corner, we've just shipped a new RC.

Razor Class Library

To make deployments easier for you as a Newsletter Studio user we've moved all our client files into a Razor Class Library. This avoids the need to copy files to the App-Plugins-folder on build which used to be the best practice for package developers.

We've also adjusted some of the installation steps and migrations to align better with the updates to Umbraco.

This means that if you have already installed our RC1 you'll have to remove the "App_Plugins/NewsletterStudio"-folder after upgrading the NuGet-references.

You can find details in our change log.

Release candidate for Umbraco 11

The new RC is compiled against Umbraco v11-rc5.

dotnet add package NewsletterStudio --version 11.0.0-rc2



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