Official Release for Umbraco 11

We are happy to announce the first official release for Umbraco 11. With several updates to the package, for example:

  • We've moved our client side files into a Razor Class Library (RCL) which makes the build in your projects easier as we no longer need to copy in our client side files each time you build your project.
  • Updated all our TinyMce-extensions to work on Tiny MCE v5 which is no included in the Umbraco core.
  • Adjustments to installation and upgrade-steps to align better with updates to Umbraco.


If you already have Newsletter Studio installed and upgrading from a v11-beta or from v10 you'll have to remove the "App_Plugins/NewsletterStudio"-folder after upgrading the NuGet-references.

You can find details in our change log.





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