Running on Linux & Mac

v 12.1.0

Running on Linux and Mac

In version 12.1.0 we added support for running Newsletter Studio on Linux and Mac. While this was possible in earlier versions, it required some nasty hacks that you want to avoid.

Running on Linux

Before you start

While developing applications that should run on Unix-like systems like Linux and MacOS it's important to keep in mind that the file system is case sensitive. This means you need to make sure that files and folder names are in the correct case. The files Text.txt and test.txt are considered two different files in the Unix-world, but on Windows they could not exist at the same time since Windows is case insensitive.

Our folder and file naming used to be inconsistent, so to support Linux/Mac we have made some changes and clarifications around naming conventions. While this is mandatory for Unix-like runtimes it's a good practice to follow even on Windows.

Folders and files should be named using lowercase or camelCase. This means that we have changed the folder names for a couple of common folders in the package:

  • App_Plugins/NewsletterStudio > App_Plugins/newsletterStudio
  • App_Plugins/NewsletterStudioExtensions > App_Plugins/newsletterStudioExtensions
  • All themes-folders and file names are lower case:
    • App_Plugins/NewsletterStudioExtensions/Views/Controls/Button.cshtml > App_Plugins/newsletterStudioExtensions/views/controls/button.cshtml
    • App_Plugins/MyPlugin/NewsletterStudio/Themes/MyTheme/Views > App_Plugins/myPlugin/newsletterStudio/themes/myTheme/views
    • App_Plugins/MyPlugin/NewsletterStudio/Themes/MyTheme/Views/Controls/Button.cshtml > App_Plugins/newsletterStudio/myPlugin/newsletterStudio/themes/myTheme/views/controls/button.cshtml

The documentation has been updated to reflect this new naming standard for files and folders.

This feature will not be back-ported to other versions of the package due to the lack of support for Razor Class Libraries in the Umbraco-core in earlier versions. If you need Linux support, consider upgrading to Umbraco 12 or hihger. We will continue to support the package on Linux and MacOS going forward.