v 12.1.0


With Newsletter Studio you can create email marketing campaigns or newsletters in a very easy way. Campaigns are listed under the "Campaigns"-icon in the tree.

Email campaigns are used to send the same email to many recipients in contrast to Transactional emails that are used to send emails to individual recipients. The package will measure the performance of the campaign by tracking openings and clicks.


The overview gives you a list of your campaigns with the most recent changed campaign on top. Here you can filter and search for campaigns.


The designer

To make the creation process intuitive the email editor consists of four steps.

1. Information

Contains the most basic settings for the email, it looks a little different depending on if you are editing a Campaign or a Transactional-email.


Besides the obvious settings for name and sender editors can fill out a preview text that will be visible in many email clients inboxes (for example on iOS), if the Workspace has multiple themes configured editors must also choose which to use for the email.

2. Content

Here the email editor designer is shown for editors to create the content of the campaign.


3. Preview

The preview step will use the real rendering engine to render a preview of the email. From this screen, editors can switch between preview for mobile and desktop and send test e-mails. Note that it's a good practice to always send a test before pushing the campaign to all you recipients.


4. Send

The last step is the sending step where you can choose the recipients for the campaign and decide if you want to send directly or schedule the campaign for later.