Debugging / Issues

v 12.1.0

Debugging issues

Some configuration settings

This setting will activate a logger that outputs all links from sent emails to a text file, it will also log any errors from TrackingControllerActions regarding parsing the tokens. Configuration if done in appSettings.json.

Values: true / false (default: false)

  "NewsletterStudio" : {    
    "Debug" : {
      "LogCampaignLinks" : true

Debug File Path

The path to any debug files should be created.

Value: Example: c:\temp (default: c:\temp)

  "NewsletterStudio" : {    
    "Debug" : {
      "LogCampaignLinks" : true,
      "DebugFilesPath" : "c:\\temp",


We log to the Umbraco Log (in the backoffice: Settings / Log Viewer). The majority of our messages are logged with the priority "Debug" so do debug using the log, make sure that your configuration is correct.

In your appSettings.json-file, make sure the following lines are present to view debug messages.

  "Serilog": {
    "MinimumLevel": {
      "Default": "Debug"

You can also filter the log items in the Log Viewer with this search query to only see stuff related to the package:

SourceContext like '%Newsletter%' OR @Message like '%Newsletter%'