Configure license

v 12.1.0

Configure License

To use the full version of the package you need to purchase a license on this website. When buying the license you can provide your Workspace key to associate the license with a given Workspace - you can also leave the key-field empty and connect the licenses at a later stage.

Automatic installation

Administrators can download and install the license via the backoffice. This will work both if you provided a Workspace key during the checkout or if you want to associate the current website with a license.

  • Go to the "Email"-section and click the "Administration"-icon in the tree
  • In the dashboard, expand the "Upgrade"-toolbar and use the "Connect and download license"-wizard.


Manually installing the license

If you did configure the license during the checkout process, you can download the newsletterStudio.lic file from your license-list. After this just place the file inside the /umbraco/Licenses-folder at the of your project.