Configure license

v 4.0.0

Configure License

To use the full version of the package you need to purchase a license on this website. When buying the license you can provide your Workspace key to associate the license with a given Workspace - you can also leave the key-field empty and connect the licenses at a later stage.

Automatic installation

Administrators can download and install the license via the backoffice. This will work both if you provided a Workspace key during the checkout or if you want to associate the current website with a license.

  • Go to the "Email"-section and click the "Administration"-icon in the tree
  • In the dashboard, expand the "Upgrade"-toolbar and use the "Connect and download license"-wizard.


Manually installing the license

If you did configure the license during the checkout process, you need to download the newsletterStudio.lic file from this site. After this just place the file inside the /umbraco/Licenses-folder at the of your project.