v 4.0.0


When installing the package on Umbraco 9, you need to use the NuGet package.

Install via NuGet

The package can be found on NuGet.

Just install the package using the Package Manager inside Visual Studio or via the console.

Install-Package NewsletterStudio

We host several packages on NuGet:

  • NewsletterStudio - Contains only UI-file (App_Data)
  • NewsletterStudio.Web - Contains Umbraco-dependencies, most of the time any custom class library you might have should depend on this package.
  • NewsletterStudio.Core - Core files for the package with minimum external dependencies. Reference this package when you want to extend the functionality.
  • NewsletterStudio.CssInline - Package that deals with inlining css into html when rendering the email.

Install via the backoffice

Since Umbraco 9 don't support package installation from the backoffice this not supported by v4+ of Newsletter Studio.