Different types of configuration

Most settings is tied to a Workspace and some configuration/settings is only available for administrators, that is settings like permissions, custom fields, site url, email delivery and so on. Other settings like default senders, Google Analytics and unsubscribe-settings can be made available for editors as well.

Administrator Configuration

Configure a Workspace by navigating to Administration -> [Workspace] -> Manage.

Here you can configure Workspace-level settings for:

  • Permissions for Users and User Groups
  • Custom Fields
  • Providers and Email Editor
  • Site Url
  • Email Service Provider (SMTP and more)

Workspace Settings

Each workspace have a "Settings"-icon in the tree, navigate to this to configure settings on the workspace.

Here you can configure

  • Default sender for the Workspace
  • Tracking settings for Google Analytics (UTM)
  • Double opt in-settings
  • Unsubscribe-settings