The basics

Here we'll outline some of the important basics about Newsletter Studio. Use this as a starting point before reading details about specific features in the package.

The Workspace

Since version 3, the package is built to support multiple tenants inside the same installation. This is useful when you want to have totally separated environments with it's own data inside the same installation. We call these separated environments Workspaces.

If a Umbraco installation hosts multiple websites for separate companies or for branches inside the a company each company/branch could have it's own Workspace in Newsletter Studio to work independently of each other since a Workspace will have it's on collection of recipients, mailing lists, campaigns and transactional e-mails.

When installing the package a new Workspace is automatically created.

Screenshot of the Workspace Administration

Recipients and mailing lists

In previous versions we stored a recipient (unique email) for each mailing list that was created. This has changed and from v3 we only store a recipient once per workspace. When adding or importing a new recipient to a mailing list the recipient is created and a relation between the recipient and the mailing list is also created.

In previous versions, removing a mailing list would also remove any recipients in the list - this is not the case any more as only the relation between the list and the recipient will be removed.