The installation is extremely simple, just go to the developer section of your back office, click packages/packages repository and search for Newsletter Studio. Once you find it, just click install.

The installation will automatically take care of all the setup and configuration the only thing you need to do is to insert you mail-server settings in the Settings-section of Newsletter Studio.


Configuration changes

It's good to know what happens when a package is installed and Newsletter Studio changes some files in your system.

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Basic Settings

​If you prefer you could set all your settings directly in the /config/newsletterStudio.config-file in the Newsletter Studio folder or use Settings-section in the back office. Outgoing e-email settings Newsletter Studio supports multiple SMTP-servers and will spin over all of them during send ou…

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In the settings section you'll also find the "Skin"-tab. A skin contains the overall layout of the newsletter and might include headers, standard footer and so on. The skin and the message content will be merged by the rendering engine. The default skin is only a reset of mail clients stylesheet …

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