Pricing FAQ

Here we'll try to outline some common questions regarding the pricing and license model, if your question is not answered here feel free to reach out to us:

What is included in the license price?

A standard license will make all features in the package work without limitations. The license also makes you eligible for upgrades to any version (within the same major) released within 12 months from the purchase.

Why do I need the subscription?

The subscription will renew your ability to upgrade to newer versions. With the subscription, you will always be able to run the latest version with the latest features and fixes.

Without the subscription, anyone that wants to upgrade to a version that was released after the included 12 months would have to buy a new license.

Will the license work after 12 months without the subscription?

Yes, the license will work forever but only on a version of the package that was released within 12 months from the time of your purchase. If you skip the subscription and would like to use a version that your license does not cover you need to buy a new license.

What happens if I skip the subscription but want to upgrade after 2 years?

Without the subscription, you will need to buy a new license to get access to any release that was published 12 months after your initial purchase.

What does the support mean?

This means that you'll have extended support for one year via email, phone, slack, teams, or whatever suits you. We'll answer specific questions about your concrete implementation and provide prioritized bug fixes and patches if needed.

What is a Workspace?

Version 3 of Newsletter Studio ships with native multi-tenant support, this is helpful when you have multiple websites in the same solution but with a different set of editors that have different access to the CMS. Workspaces make it possible to create independent "instances" of Newsletter Studio inside the same application so that each of your websites can have a unique set of recipients and mailing lists, you can also set granular permissions for each Workspace on User Group or User level.

Every installation of Newsletter Studio will have at least one Workspace but when there is only one Workspace configured the concept is hidden for regular users, only administrators can see and manage the Workspaces.

I have a Umbraco 8 license, will this work on Umbraco 9?

Yes, if you bought a license for Umbraco 8 it will also apply for Umbraco 9. We might need to make adjustments to your license configuration so please reach out to us if it doesn't work (

How long is the version supported?

Please consult our dedicated page for information about versioning, release cadence and end of life.