Versioning, release cadence and end of life

Information on releases and support time frame

This page outlines our intensions and ambitions around versioning, release cadence, support, and end-of-life.


Newsletter Studio aligns its major version with the Umbraco CMS release it's targeting. 

  • Newsletter Studio 10 works on Umbraco 10
  • Newsletter Studio 11 works on Umbraco 11 
  • And so on.

Note that if you're running an older version this might not be the case, consult the change log for details.

Umbraco follows semantic versioning ( which we also strive to do. But to be able to backport and include features from new releases into older versions of the package we might occasionally break this promise and introduce breaking changes in minor releases - if this happens we will make clear announcements around this.

Release cadence

Since Umbraco has a set release cadence for major versions, our ambition is to follow this and release updated versions of the package a soon as possible after Umbraco officially releases a new major version.

Depending on the scope of the upgrade and the amount of breaking changes in Umbraco, our release might come later, this will also be communicated in our blog.

Minor versions and patches will be released for new features, bug fixes, and if needed to fix issues introduced by Umbraco minor/patch releases.

Support and End of life

We are following Umbraco's support phases. This means that a version of Newsletter Studio will reach end-of-life at the same time as the Umbraco major version it targets.

However, we do have one exception from Umbraco's release cadence. We will always continue to support and provide bug fixes/security patches for the three latest major versions (counting from the current) and starting from the release of Umbraco v11. In other words, after Umbraco 11 is released we will continue to support Umbraco 9 until Umbraco 12 is released - at that point we will support Umbraco 12, 11 and 10.

This means that:

  • Newsletter Studio v1 (for Umbraco 4-6) reached end-of-life in May 2018. (end of life)
  • Newsletter Studio v2 (for Umbraco 7) end-of-life in September 2023.
  • Newsletter Studio v3 (for Umbraco 8) end-of-life on February 24th, 2025.
  • Newsletter Studio v4 (for Umbraco 9 STS) reached end-of-life when Umbraco 12 was released June 29, 2023. (end of life)
  • Newsletter Studio v10 (for Umbraco 10 LTS) end-of-life H1 2025.
  • Newsletter Studio v11 (for Umbraco 11 STS) end-of-life when Umbraco 14 is released
  • Newsletter Studio v12 (for Umbraco 12 STS) end-of-life when Umbraco 15 is released

In the same way that Umbraco-versions enter "support only" and "security only"-phases Newsletter Studio enters these phases at the same time. This however does not guarantee that all features added to newer versions of the package will be backported to older versions.

Please read the license agreement for legal details about the support.