v 11.0.0


Different types of configuration

Most settings are tied to a Workspace and some configuration/settings is only available for administrators, that are settings like permissions, custom fields, site url, email delivery, and so on. Other settings like default senders, Google Analytics, and unsubscribe settings can be made available for editors as well.

Administrator Configuration

Configure a Workspace by navigating to Administration -> [Workspace] -> Manage.

Here you can configure Workspace-level settings for:

  • Permissions for Users and User Groups
  • Custom Fields
  • Providers and Email Editor
  • Site Url
  • Email Service Provider (SMTP and more)

Workspace Settings

Each workspace has a "Settings"-icon in the tree, navigate to this to configure settings on the workspace.

Here you can configure

  • Default sender for the Workspace
  • Tracking settings for Google Analytics (UTM)
  • Double opt in-settings
  • Unsubscribe-settings