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Version 1.1

  • Improved SMTP-connection tester.
  • New button to Newsletter Analytics to ”Copy to new”.
  • Added sender email and subject to Newsletter Analytics.
  • Removed some dependencies from the class that holds the sending thread.
  • Added button to ”clear” filter when editing mailing lists.
  • UI imporoved when sending e-mail. Added confirm step at immediate mail out.
  • Minor changes in boilarplate-skin.
  • Introduced the concept of RenderTasks, will be extensible in future releases.

Version 1.1.2

  • Fixes issues with the "Test connection"-feature.

Version 1.1.3

  • When using Umbraco members as subscribers the [name]-tag will no be replaced with the members name instead of login name. (The memberObject.Text-property)
  • Added a RenderTask to replace relative URLs. Now links to the media section and other parts of the site will start with the full domain-name.
  • Fixed bug that added to // in URL when tracking clicks.

Version 1.1.4

  • Fixed bug in the connection tester that will prevent send out from working.

Version 1.2

  • Introduced rendering tasks that will enable developers to hook into the rendering process of an email.
  • New status for subscribers (unsubscribed). A setting will enable editors to decide how many send out errors that are allowed before flagging the user as unsubscribed
  • Changed UI for working with subscribers. Filter on status and added possibility to change status of an subscriber.
  • Implemented support for multiple SMTP-servers and throttling.
  • Moved settings to web.config file in the newsletterstudio-folder. Updated UI for settings as well.
  • Importing lists won't resubscribe and unsubscribed email.
  • Support for Google Analytics Tracking with configuration
  • New RTE feature to render the response from any url into the email. Could be used for news lists, blog feeds, both internal content and external.
  • Memory optimization for the send out class which handles memory even more beautiful.
  • Bug fix. Too many slashes in the unsubscribe url.

Version 1.2.1

  • Bugfix in API, re-subscribing will now change subscriberstatus-to active
  • Typo in settings.aspx

Version 1.2.2

  • Bugfix in API, adding new subscribers won't throw error
  • Added support for MySQL. (Se MySQL instructions-kit)

Version 1.2.3

  • Small bugfixes

Version 1.2.4

  • Small bugfixes

Version 1.3.0

  • NOT Compatible with previous versions, to upgrade. Please install 1.3.0 and look at database changes and so on
  • Introduced the SubscriptionProvider model
  • Breaking changes to the RenderTask API
  • Added "MailMessage"-object to render task for adding extra headers, attachments etc.
  • Changes in the database
  • Fixed issue with e-email address validation.
  • Reordered render tasks to add tracking pixel inside html-tag
  • Prepared underlying logic for upcoming release of "Send out providers" to send out emails using APIs and webservies

Version 1.3.1

  • Skin editor will refresh on load (fix needed for Umbraco v4.9+)
  • Reinstall Newsletter Studio after uninstall failed because db-tables where not droped. Added check.
  • Edit links on the "delivery failed"-list will now be hidden if the underlaying e-mail has changed.
  • Improved the null check and parseing in the subscriptionprovider for umbraco members

Version 1.3.2

  • Support for Umbraco 6 and new TinyMCE-implementation.
  • Name of the sender can now be set when sending a newsletter.
  • Added macro parameter type for choosing mailing list.
  • Trail mode will never remove any data.
  • TinyMCE icons will now scroll as they should.
  • New data type to start send outs from the content section.

Version 1.3.3

  • Send to multiple subscriptions/mailing lists at once
  • Moved configuration to /config-folder
  • Defaults for sender name / e-mail
  • Change e-mail validation algorithm to use .net MailAddress
  • Unsubscribe from "Read Online" now works
  • Newsletter Data Type now supports nodes with absolute urls returned from library.NiceUrl().
  • Fixed link-bug in the show error dialog
  • Render URL Render Task now shows friendly errors inline instead of YSOD.

Version 1.3.4

  • Resolved issue with invalid scheduled newsletters that stopped automatic send out (554)
  • Added anlytics details to view and explore who open a e-mail, where they clicked and so on (440)
  • Resolved issue with dropdownlist for selecting mailing lists during send out (571)
  • Added "total active subscribers"-label to mailing lists (576)
  • Fixed issue with counting errors in newsletter analytics

Version 1.3.5

  • Fixes issues with smtp client falls back to web.config (597)
  • Fixes issue with recyled app pool that gets letters stucked InProgress (613)
  • UTF-8 charset in default template (one added on install) (659)
  • Resolved local link issue when useDomainPrefix is true (611)

Version 1.3.6

Added features 

- New import feature - just paste mail and name 

Fixed bugs 

#764 Charset problem in download web page 
#769 Issues with dashboard performance 
#777 Upgrade: Duplicated elements in dashboard.config 
#776 Upgrade: newsletterstudioContentTemplates is duplicated in tinyMCE.config 
#775 Upgrade: Duplication of plugin-elements in TinyMCE.config 
#774 Upgrading: Commands duplication in tinymce.config 
#778 Analytics - Url dropdown looks strange if the url-label is to long 

Version 1.3.7

Fixed bugs 

#794 Old web.config-file in the /umbraco/newsletterstudio/-folder 
#779 Upgrade script for DB won't run on upgrade. 
#795 Typo in settings 
#805 Handle error when no template is there 
#784 Issue with unsubscribe-links in content from InserUrlRenderTasks 
#806 YSOD when sending test emails without having smtp-server configured 
#790 Show information when an email has status (3) error. 
#781 Install: TinyMCE-icons dosent appear after install 

Version 1.4.0

Added features
- New data layer and a factory model where developers can extend the default behavior.
- Add email as a parameter after unsubscribing. If you are using the "Unsubscribe confirmation url"-setting we will add the email as a query string parameter to the landing page.
- Added paging on the mailing list details page.
- Macro parameter data type for picking a mailing list when inserting the Newsletter Studio subscribe macro.

Fixed bugs
- Merge field render task sometimes missed the trackemail because of upper/lower case issues.
- Some emails can't unsubscribe or read online.
- Unsubscribe gave error like: Could not remove the e-mail. It's either already removed... (related to above).
- Subscription provider: Make receiver full name optional and add comments on each property.
- Remove sensitive information for test email in SmtpHelper.
- Fixed typos in settings and on dashboard.
- Upgrades adds duplicates to smtp-configuration.

Version 1.4.1

Added features
No features

Fixed bugs
- Fixed NewsletterService gives error: Incorrect syntax near ')'  when sending to Umbraco members.
- Upgrade from 1.3.1->1.3.2 left empty configuration, now fixed.
- Read online from preview does not throw error, now renders preview
- Removed ASP.NET HTML-wrappers from NewsletterRender.aspx 
- Render tasks can now change address info on the MailMessage object. We moved the setter of sender email and name to before running the render tasks. 

Version 1.4.2

Added features 
- Improve bounce handler performance 

Fixed bugs 
- Foreing key error when inserting new subscibers 
- Bouncehandler can't commit unsubscibed subscribers 
- Fix typo "Do find out more about the err" 
- Spelling error on the sendout usercontrol: "Maling" should be "Mailing" 
- Sender name is not included when sending test e-mails. 
- Import subscibers: Entering invalid text gives Sequence contains no elements 
- Null exception vid bounce hantering 
- "Copy this newsletter to new" doesn't include template id 
- Open trackings are appyled more than once

Version 1.4.3

Added features 

Fixed bugs 
- Fixed db-issue with only returning valid subscribers from NewsletterStudioSubscriptionProvider 

Version 1.4.4

Added features 

Fixed bugs 
- Fixed more on db-issue with only returning valid subscribers from NewsletterStudioSubscriptionProvider 


Added features 

Fixed bugs 
- Fixed bug in the petapoco implementation that caused the server to hang when saving a newsletter with a message body bigger than 4000 chars.


Added features 

Fixed bugs 
- Fixed minor bug  with importing files with a lot of duplicates.

Version 1.4.5

Added features 
- Add events to send newsletter service (NewsletterStudio.SendNewsletterService.EventName).
- Make methods of the global factory virtual

Fixed bugs
- Fixed logic errors in click summery in analytics-section
- Analytics for content section-newsletters sometimes shows wrong data
- Fixed unsubscribe-link from a newsletter would unsubscribe receiver from multiple lists 
- Unsubscibe for a specifict Newsletter Studio-mailing list dosent work?


Added features 
- Added a Umbraco utility (IUmbracoUtilityFacade) with a method to render document content: GetRenderedContentFor(Document doc). Use this to replace how Newsletter Studio fetches the content for a node

Version 2.0.0

New version of Newsletter Studio built for Umbraco version 7.

Version 2.1.0

Added features 
- Add domain events to model objects 
- Analytics details: Show error messages in list view 
- Remove hardcoded strings in unsubscribe-tracking page 
- Added upgrade-handler for language files. New language items will be copied from the english any custom file if the custom file does not contain this key.
- Create a base-class for the IGlobalFactroy with virtual methods 
- Custom Fields on a subscriber 

Fixed bugs
#1126 Problem with special chars like å ä ö in skin editor 
#1058 Analytics details: Show friendly error message if using SQLCE or MySQL
#1069 Loading skins and saving without cache disabled dosent work - added cache buster.
#1060 Insert link to unsubscribe doesnt seem to work 
#1068 Preview iframe shows wrong template, need a cache buster 
#1084 Unsubscibe for a specifict list dosent work? 
#1111 Unsubscribing from a email where user is in multiple lists will only remove one of them 
#1106 Text missing on "general_save"-button 
#1095 Problem with self-referencing FK 

Version 2.1.1

Added features 
- Added a Umbraco utility (IUmbracoUtilityFacade) with a method to render document
- Added GetRenderedContentFor(Document doc). Use this to replace how Newsletter Studio fetches the content for a node. Now developers can extend that insteed of implemention the whole interface for the gobal factory.

Fixed bugs
#1343 Solved Thread-issues with PetaPoco that could throw exceptions like: System.InvalidOperationException: There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be closed first.
Solved importing of list that could resubscribe unsubscribed receivers.
#1144 Fixed some typos



Added features 

Fixed bugs
- Fixed connection issues with PetaPoco shared connections
- #1309 
Solved importing of list that could resubscribe unsubscribed receivers.
- Solved installation issues for Umbraco v 6.2.5 and above


Version 2.1.2

Added features 
- Added German language support

Fixed bugs
- Issues with date pickers in Umbraco 7.3
- Issue with CodeMirror skin editor in Umbraco 7.3
- Fixed typos in english lang-files

Version 2.1.3

Fixed bugs
- Issues with date pickers in Umbraco 7.3 fixed for property editor in context section as well

Version 2.1.4

Added features 
- Added preview support for newsletters in the content section

Fixed bugs
- Fixed preview issues in Newsletter Studio-section. Due to ASP.NET Identity implementation in Umbraco v7.3.

Version 2.1.5

Fixed bugs 
- Resolved issues with uninstalling, now removing db-tables 
- Dashboard design issues with welcome screen 
- Case-differences in email addresses will not be considered duplicates 
- Double emails if char-case is not matching on emails 
- Error with val-form-manager 
- Skin editor upgrade for Umbraco 7.3+ 
- Default subscription provider, duplicates in member properties throws error 
- Settings: Solved testing bounce mailbox don't work 
- Issues with not open statics in analytics service 
- Bounce: Bounces are not committed to the database 

Version 2.1.6

Added features 

- Add CSS Inliner to move styles from style-tags inline for better client support
- Improve debugging-information for subscription providers

Fixed bugs 

- Forms propted as dirty very often
- Dashboard loads slow with loads of emails (over 40)
- Preview/Save newsletter in content section with empty properties failed 
- AddFullDomainToRelativeSrcs-RenderTask cant handle urls starting with // 
- No validation for mailing list duplicates when adding from the UI 
- Ugly error when mailing list or member group is empty 
- Body/subject of email being wiped after preview 
- Preview issue in Internet Explorer 
- Lots of errors after send newsletter modal is closed 
- Improved smtp-check before sending 
- Send From Content: First and last name not saved 
- Sign up script upgraded to macro partial 
- FolderSynchronize check if file exsist to avoid error i trace log 
- Load all backoffice assets over HTTPS 
- Bug in dashboard for scheduled emails 
- Improve tracking of issue with subscription provider factory 
- Archive should be based on sent date, not "create date" 

Version 2.1.7

Added features 
- Improve validation before sending preview 
- Add sender name to "To"-property of MailMessage 

Fixed bugs 
- Render Task issue fixded, a hrefs replaced by src if link is relative
- Added alt tag to tracking pixel, now contains subject of newsletter.
- Added CustomData in when using "Read online"
- EmailTrackingItems now stores DataProviderKey as String (INT-bug) 

Version 2.1.8

Added features 
- Exporting a filtered list in analytics to new mailing list

Screen _-_export _list

Fixed bugs 
- Tracking pixel optimized as small gif-image
- Designfixes for Umbraco v7.6
- Added support for uids (guids in Umbraco 7.6+)
- Minor typos

Version 2.1.9

Added features 
- n/a

Fixed bugs 
- Fixed issue with textbox (maxchar)


Added features 
- n/a

Fixed bugs 
- Fixed "setPristine"-issue with "Send out"-property editor
- Fixed issue with status of exported subscibers from analytics
- Minor tweaks to db-connection



Added features 
- Build in subscription provider for mailing lists now implements ICountable to show the number of subscribers in each member group when selecting which groups to send to.

Fixed bugs 
- Fixed issue with InsertCustomDataRenderTask and empty properties
- Fixed issue with array based pre-value collection due to property lookup issue.
- Fixed typo in API response
- Fixed API to update subscriber name is subscriber exsists
- Umbraco V7.7 design fixes
- Fixed issue with Umbraco Members Subscription-provider that returns null exception during a scheduled send out



Added features 

Fixed bugs 
- Fixed issue with date picker in in newer versions of Umbraco



Added features 
- Improved logging for license checks and WebPageDownloader

Fixed bugs 
- Fixed issue with URL-encoded merge tags
- Fixed issues with skin-editor in Umbraco v7.6+ and above

- Improved styling in edit-view of mailing lists

- Fixed issue with link picker in Umbraco v7.12+



Added features 
- Improved installation pipeline with better logging, removed dependency on PackageActionContrib
- Removed password auto-fill for username and password when configuring smtp-servers

Fixed bugs 
- Minor design-fixes for newer Umbraco versions
- Database tables will be dropped during uninstallation



Added features 
- Improved logging around Subscription Providers and Subscription Provider Factory

Fixed bugs 
- Solved issue with tracking pixel outside html-tag when using Umbraco templates to send
- Solved issue where link hrefs-tags would be tracked as clicks



Added features 

Fixed bugs 
- Using ApplicationContext over UmbracoContext in UmbracoSubscriptionProvider to support scenarios that are not request-bound.



Added features 

Fixed bugs 
- Fixes issue with testing bounce email server.

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