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Newsletter Studio works with all versions Umbraco higher than 4.7+ this means that things sometimes can go wrong.

Most of the time problems are related to upgrades or changes in the Umbraco core.

When trying to find out what's wrong there are some great steps to follow to try to find out what's wrong.


  • Read the error message. Take the time to read any error messages to find clues about the problem.
  • The Umbraco log. On older version of Umbraco the log can be found in the database table umbraco_log. Here you can see errors getting logged each time something goes wrong.
  • The trace log. In the folder /app_data/logs/* you will find trace files that stores debug-information and uncatched errors. Most of the time these files contains very valuable information.
  • Maybe upgrade? Look at our change log to see if the issue that you have is a known bug that has been solved.
  • Request support. Post in forum at to get fast help from us or some in the friendly Umbraco Community. Don't forget to include the information from the steps above and want version of Umbraco and Newsletter Studio that you are running - this will help to debug.

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